The gift is a symbol.
It materializes a proposal of union, intimate or political. It is a fundamental means of communication.
For a wedding, parties, in business or in diplomacy, the gift expresses the mark of affection, success, alliance.
Gift Offering is an Art. This is our Specialty since 1648.

We arrange Royal ceremony, sumptuous celebrations and events.
Our specialty : Complex and unique luxury projects, requiring multi – skills capabilities.

  • Kuwait :
    Duc de Vendôme is requested to deliver a collection of sculpted statues of animals.
    Each made of precious metal and stones.
  • Dubai :
    Duc de Vendôme is commissioned to design and build the sumptuous gardens of a private residency,
    including furbishing, water and lighting systems.
  • USA :
    The Client requested us to organize the 20th anniversary of his daughter.
    The event is spread over 3 celebration days. The guest list is 2000 guests.
  • China :
    Duc de Vendôme is commissioned to deliver the organization of a ceremony dinner of the XVIIth century,
    including reception, costumes, tables accessories, Grande cuisine gastronomy, orchestra.
  • Russia :
    The Client commissioned us to deliver a miniature village for her children, composed with a variety of hand- crafted puppet houses,
    containing reproductions of real- life accessories; scale 1:6.
  • Kazakhstan :
    The Client commissioned us to design and build his palace in a genuine French style.
    The materials, furbishing, decorations executed in France and Kazakhstan.
  • New Zealand :
    The Client commissions us to design and manufacture a set of personalized hunting equipment.
  • Paris :
    The Client commissions us to deliver a unique creation of jewelry ensemble.

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